all about mike bennion

I make a point of avoiding an obvious narrative or meaning in the work. That way each viewer can project his or her story onto them. One persons’ interpretation will always be different from the next.

I enjoy the aspect of taking something that has no value in itself, combining it with other similar items and creating something precious, like an alchemist. The process is from the sub-conscious, never premeditated, the resolution always a surprise to me.

The items I incorporate have all lived a life and show it. They are rusty, distressed, cracked, chipped and worn. They have passed through many hands and each has a soul. They come with an inbuilt gravity and integrity.

The work has evolved over the years, it’s increasingly more sculptural and three dimensional. The themes tend to be more focused as well, the overall selection of elements is more disciplined, less scattershot. Experience has led me to weed out certain items and themes, emphasize others. The distilling process continues as does the urge to create art that has an instant pull, yet can bring you back for repeated viewing. They should be riddles you can never solve.